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5 Stunning Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair Arrangement Ideas

Seating arrangement is an art that can be very specifically tailored for particular rooms that you may be designing. Dating back to 1929 Eileen Gray designed the Bibendum chair as a captivatingly harmonious piece that boasts an impressive size.

Regardless of this rare sizing, it unites a majestic impressiveness with a unique spirit thereby creating an armchair that can be installed into any room with a little bit of thought put into it. Browse through our collection of arrangement ideas to get a gist of some furniture-layout inspiration.


The Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair is a curvaceous and invitingly iconic piece of modern furnishing that comprises two semi-circular padded tubes encased in soft, black leather that poses as the perfect refuge for the human body. The title “Bibendum” itself originates from the character created by Michelin, taken from the slogan “Nunc est Bibendum i.e. “Now is the time to drink”.

In the image above, you can see the monochrome setting of the chair coupled with a solitary single stemmed, stainless steel table with glass support and single-stemmed lighting all follow the same theme of minimalist features. The additional blank canvas, white wall, and muted art selections all create conceive an aura of laidback, self-contemplating desires. Incorporating this alternative and daring chair creates a dynamic yet high-end look.

  • Create a vibrant corner:

The Eileen gray Bibendum Chair as depicted above transcends the limitations of time and space as it exudes an everlastingly immortal character. By flanking it with wall-mounted shelves and wall-lined settees you can prevent clutter and cramping whilst still managing to create an intimate little corner of your own.

This setting allows for the unembellished supporting articles to accentuate the bold structure of the chair, all the while settling a warm hue around the entire space. Polished wooden flooring, a central rug area, and long flowing white curtains do not steal the attention away from the layout yet add a depth of ethereal feelings. In this example, the chair acts as an anchor, drawing awareness naturally.

  • Laze around in a cocoon of cozy seating:


Most individuals overlook the brilliant strategy of emulating the Eileen gray Bibendum chair into a bedroom area. The cushy yet genteel design of the seat makes it an idyllic addition to augmenting the comfort levels of any room. Open spaces as captured above enjoy furniture articles with a bit of depth, and this combination of fashionable pastel pieces make for an unfettered, serene design statement.

This mid-century classic fulfills the requirements of both an aesthetic and functional item that appeals to modern sensibilities so it can also be transferred into living spaces like lounges and sitting rooms. Seeing as the chair is available in a variety of colors and materials like cashmere, vintage, boucle wool, aniline, top grain, and velvet, you can fashion a spectacularly humble space featuring a charming and snug little piece of heaven for yourself.

By choosing an oppositional color like this baby pink version alongside white counterparts forges a softened theme that invites you into a haze of comfort.

  • An elegant masterpiece:

Embracing the new modern design philosophy, you can use the Eileen gray Bibendum Chair to create an epic focal point, boosted with natural lighting from rays flitting through large bay windows all of which add depth all at once. In this illustration, it is obvious that the great lighting plays up with the lighter, ivory and vanilla colors to create a sense of buoyancy.

The clean contemporary lines of this chair, situated underneath a high-rise and supplementary state-of-the-art lamp establishes an effortlessly quaint and graceful outlook. By adding accessories like lovely floral arrangements, glass decorations, and side tables you can upgrade the enchanted sensations.

  • The Wallflower Concept:

The formal and welcoming elements of the space portrayed above are characteristic of the Eileen Gray Bibendum chair that was designed solely with the aim of creating an instrument to support lounging around.

The selection of a corner setup which a lush green background softens the corners, deceiving onlookers into believing the area to be more commodious than it actually is. Teaming it up with a complimentary table and low-key adornments effuse the space with modern sophistication and eclectic mood.

By angling it in this way you are privy to both the scenery outside and the indoor area. After a long day, sinking into the plush depths of this chair is accompanied by a blissful state of absolute relaxation.

All spaces pose a design challenge between finding the right balance of casual and comfortable with practicality and beauty. These 5 ideas can form the foundation of any future furnishing undertakings you wish to embark upon when you’re standing in an empty room not knowing where to start.

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