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Christmas is only two weeks away and there is plenty to catch up with. One way you can ensure that you have everything in place at least 2 days before Christmas is creating a checklist of things to do, things to buy, people you want to invite etc. Christmas lights and Christmas festoon lights are integral to every Christmas celebration. LED lighting has come a long way and today we have a wonderful range of lights in multiple shapes, lengths, and designs.

Before you set out shopping for Christmas lights/Christmas festoon lights, it would be a great idea to scour through your options with the help of the digital world.  Remember however that what you see on your computer screen or mobile screen may not be an exact match of your options when you see them physically. But these are minor differences and normally would not impact your thoughts.

Christmas festoon lights add plenty of glow, colour and convenience to your plans for decorating your home this Christmas. With Christmas shopping already underway, it may be a nice idea to use the upcoming weekends to go out there and examine your options in person rather than through the digital world. Involving all members of your family in the shopping expedition is another way to ensure that when you bring the Christmas lights home and light them up, everyone is happy.

To help you further with the task of decorating your home with Christmas lights, we have culled out the following tips:-

1.   Multicolour string lights

You must have already noticed how these multicolour traditional string lights add splendour to every festive occasion. Run riot with your creativity and imagination creating a variety of sizes and shapes with these string lights. The easiest way to get started is picking up stuff like old tyres, plastic rods or similar items from your garage to act as a support for the string lights. After you have assembled enough supporting pieces, you can divide them between the indoor and outdoor area to bring about a balance.

2.   Explore the many helpful apps

Today, we are in the digital age and there can be no dearth of useful apps for various activities associated with Christmas. You can even conveniently get a view of how people around the globe are planning their Christmas decorations, right from the comfort of your home. But, when indoor lighting is your focus, you may have some limitations in terms of space. You can beat this by choosing fewer lights, but something so special that it can become a focal point all through the Christmas season.

3.   Choose between big and small lights

A harmonious mix of size and colours is important when you choose Christmas lights. You can combine the bigger and smaller LED lights for a stunning effect around the walls inside your home as well as for the external areas. However, you should take care to use a lesser number of bigger lights to get the correct proportion. Similarly, the bigger lights in a single colour and the smaller lights in multicolour will add to the visual appeal.  This approach works particularly well on bigger trees in your yard and around borders on the ground in the front yard.

4.   Snowstorm

Christmas decoration should invariably have some snow element in it. But that does not mean that you go after expensive gadgets to create the sow effect. Simply get some snowflakes and use them in different ways for enhancing the visual appeal of lighting. Some twinkle lights can be spread around the porch and also create an outline around the doors. Snowflakes can also be filled in small baskets in combination with the string lights adding glitter to the sides of doors. Miniature Christmas trees can add appeal to the windowsills, particularly when they are pure white in colour.  Light and snow can be diligently mixed to deliver a diamond effect to the abutting areas.

5.   LED lights

You have perhaps noticed that LED Christmas festoon lights have extinguished all problems earlier associated with the traditional festoon lighting. Customers are extremely happy with the invention and with the LED lights presented in translucent plastic casings are available in various designs, colours and lengths. These lights are exceptionally energy-efficient, virtually unbreakable, very affordable and extremely versatile. Festoon lighting has significantly changed with the arrival of LED lights giving you the ability to use your creativity to the hilt.

The ability to twist and turn in any manner you desire, make LED Christmas festoon lights presents great flexibility in bringing to life your creativity and imagination. For example, find a couple of large water or coke bottles and put them on your centre table. Wrap colourful string lights around the bottles in colour patterns that appeal to you and you now have a wonderfully lit table with vivid colours.

You can even replace the traditional bedside lamps with festoon lighting and enjoy the stylish look it gives. By bringing mini festoon lights to a different part of your home, you can decorate your home in myriad ways with Christmas lights.


Decorating your home with Christmas lights is limited only by your imagination. With the introduction of LED lighting, you can find a wide range of attractive and flexible lighting to suit your aspirations.

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