Basement Waterproofing

A wet basement calls for big trouble for the homeowner. Be it a wet finished basement or an unfinished one with damp walls and seepage, water happens to be the enemy here! It can lead to several other issues such as mildew and mold. Continuous exposure to water can ruin the structure of your house and even your belongings that you have kept in the basement.

If you have damp walls and leaking cracks in the basement, you need the assistance of basement waterproofing Toronto professionals.

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How Do They Take Care of Your Basement?

Basement waterproofing Toronto experts will examine your basement along with other vital areas of your house that requires waterproofing. They will then identify the issue and provide you with a couple of effective techniques to take utmost care of it. Moreover, they will also suggest you the most suitable wet basement waterproofing methods that go well with your home’s structure.

Other Wet Basement Waterproofing Methods Homeowners Must Know About

  • Sealants

If the water enters your basement through different cracks in the walls, the contractors will close up the cracks, allowing homeowners to do away with of the problem in no time. Special waterproofing coatings and sealants are made available that help close the cracks and prevent water and even moisture from affecting the basement walls.

It is crucial to bear in mind that though sealants are a cost-effective approach to addressing the water-related issues, it is not the best solution for a structure with strong hydrostatic pressure. This approach works best for slight dampness and not for the flooded basement.

  • Crack Injections

These are perfect for a poured concrete base. If the contractor comes to the conclusion that the water seepage is originating from the walls, they will use polyurethane or epoxy injections to take care of the cracks.

  • Internal Waterproofing

Most homeowners prefer this solution as it is less expensive and does not involve any external excavation. It is also referred to as ‘water control’ technique as it does not prevent the water from inflowing the basement walls. Instead, it deals well with it after it has entered the walls.

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Do not compromise on the expertise and experience of the basement waterproofing Toronto professional. If you choose an inexperienced contractor, they can damage the structure of your house while installing a sump pump and weeping tiles.

  • External Waterproofing

The contractor will start excavating the earth around your house. They will apply hydraulic cement to take care of the affected part and will also install drainage tiles. If you ask them for a window well for better waterproofing, the contractor will definitely build one for you.

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