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How To Know Which Power Drill You Need

Whether you enjoy home improvement works, or you do DIY occasionally, you will require a power drill in your tools collection.

A good power drill makes your job easy while the wrong one can make your work more complicated. So, you must know the right drill for the type of job. Shop for power tool online for sale and check out the exclusive range of power drills at the reasonable prices.

To help you choose the perfect power drill for your job, you must figure out which power drill you need.

Determine why you need the drill. Do you need for various household works or for bigger renovation work? Many drills can serve both functions. So, know your plans to narrow down your research.

Type of power drills:

There are various types of drills you can choose from. We have listed here the key features of every type of drills and the jobs they are best suited to help you choose the best one for your job.

Drill drivers

If you are looking for a power drill that can be used for all small jobs in your home, drill drivers are the perfect option to go with. They are not just used for drilling holes, but they can also be used as drivers; it means they can be used to loosen and tighten nuts and bolts.

Since it can be used as both drill and driver, so you can use this drill on a variety of materials like wood and metal.  They are the versatile home improvement tool for every DIYer.

Combination drills

It is almost similar to the drill driver, but it has an additional feature which makes them an ideal choice to be used for harder materials.

The additional features that make combi drill an excellent choice for your home are Rotating drill bit, two ribbed metal disks that move in and out against each other.

Some of the combi drills are available with brushless technology. It means the motor of the drill is designed in a way that makes your tool compact and more durable.

These drills are more powerful to be used in your DIY operations, so it is a perfect choice for your day-to-day tasks.

SDS drills

SDS acronym for Self Direct System Drills is also known as a rotating hammer drill. SDS drills are ideal to use for concrete and masonry. They have hammer properties that help them to move through dense materials.

You can also separate hammer from these drills to use them for lighter objects. Also, you can switch off the rotation and use a chisel bit in the drill to chip away concrete walls.

SDS drills are usually bulky, and hence they are suitable for DIY operations.

Hammer drills

Hammer drills are also called Percussion drills.  They are specifically designed for drilling rocks and masonry.  They are very much identical to SDS drills; the key difference between the two is that you cannot use hammering action of the hammer drills without rotation.

Know your work requirements and choose the power drill that perfectly fits your requirements. Buy power drill online from a renowned brand, so you don’t have to regret later.

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