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Looking through the portable belt sander reviews on Tool Inspector it’s hard not to notice the emergence of cordless belt sanders becoming more and more frequent in the top 10 belt sanders.

The improvement of batteries which are pretty much all lithium high-performance batteries now being used by power tool brands has increased the performance of cordless power tools to the point where they are a match for corded tools.

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Plus they have the added advantage of being portable which is a big advantage for many professional contractors who need to access tight areas or may not have electricity on the site or property they are working on.

Many carpenters and woodworking contractors will have numerous batteries so they can just switch them when the battery in the tool is low. That saves them a lot of time and no matter where they are working they can carry on regardless.

The choice available now is astounding with quality sanders being built by a large array of brands.

The best strategy for finding the best tool for you is looking at before you buy are Makita belt sander review, Ryobi belt sander review, Tacklife belt sander review this will give you a good idea of which features will best suit your jobs.

Another thing the portable belt sander reviews on Tool Inspector brought to my attention was the speed at which the modern batteries can be recharged with many having 2 hours full recharge and some of the really high spec belt sanders charging in just an hour, which is really impressive when you think 5 years ago it would be an 8 hour wait for a full recharge.

In the last 5 years, belt sander brands have added a multitude of features that many were reserved for just the high priced electric sanders. Some of these features listed below are now common on the lower-priced models.

– Cordless belt sander
– Low vibration
– Dust extraction systems
– Quick charge batteries
– Powerful high AMP electric motors
– Improved ergonomics
– Quick change belt design
– Variable speed
– Long-life motors and components

Many of those features are now on the cheap belt sanders so you get a lot of sander for your money these days.
So the portable belt sander reviews go to show that there is real progress being made in the power tool industry.

Cordless belt sanders are more expensive than there corded counterparts because the cost of the product is higher to the manufacturer. It’s mainly the cost of the lithium batteries that regulate the price.

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You can still find cordless sanders in the lower price range that are still well constructed and designed to last.
If you are in the market for a cordless electric sander you should do some research first and look through some portable belt sander reviews before you commit to purchasing because otherwise, you could end up with a poorly

built tool that is not just a big waste of money but also a giant waste of time and patience.

That’s why it’s important to take a little time looking through the portable belt sander reviews first.

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