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Raise The Value Of Your Home With These Renovation Tips


Over time, it is natural that your house starts showing some signs of wear and tear due to usage and the passing of the years, so it might become a necessity to perform some restoration and renovation work.

If done correctly, all these improvements, aside from updating and making your house look and feel more comfortable, will also increase its market value.

Where to Start?

According to professional estate agents Lucan, the bathroom and kitchen are the spaces that need more attention, when the time comes to renovate your home. Changing the floor, renovating the doors and windows, painting the walls or removing partitions are other usual reforms, and whose investment pays off through the valuation of the house.

  • Walls

Fixing any possible holes or cracks and painting the walls is the simplest way to improve the overall look of the house. Changing their colours according to the latest trends will give a modern, clean, and fresh look to your home.

  • Floors

Another way to modernise the house is to renovate the floor by installing laminate flooring that offers excellent performance due to its durability and a wide variety of textures and finishes available.

These floors can imitate wood, stone or ceramics, with the advantage that they can be installed on top of the old floor without having to lift it. Hard-wearing and easy to clean, they are ideal for any room in your home.

  • Bathrooms

During a bathroom remodel, the most usual upgrade is to replace the bathtub with a shower. Changing all toilets, floors, and walls represent a much more significant investment, but the value of the house will increase to the same extent.

  • Kitchen

The kitchen is the room in the entire house with the highest return when it comes to future potential resale value. As such, a kitchen remodelling is always welcome but is often limited by the money you want to invest. If you want to spend little, just paint the tiles and furniture, but with a bigger budget, you can change the floor, the countertops and replace the electrical appliances for more efficient and more modern ones.

Proper planning & available storage space

However, it should be noted that all tasks, whether remodelling or installing planned furniture, requires adequate planning to avoid delays, extra costs, and rework. It pays off to spend a bit more time studying, analysing, and organising all the necessary steps of the reform before beginning the work.

It is essential to keep in mind the need for storage space while planning your house renovation. In this way, everything will be organised and outlined before starting the actual work.

If your residence has a garage, you might be able to store your items and furniture safely in it. For this, it is crucial that space is ample, covered, and fully protected from humidity, sun, and rain. The same can be said about backyards, terraces, and other outdoor areas. Before opting for them, you should check if they offer proper protection against the elements or theft.

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