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Things To Consider When Replacing Windows

Replacing Windows

If you are planning a home improvement project involving replacement Windows Plymouth Michigan, below are some things to consider.

Warranty For The Window And The Window Frame

Manufacturers of windows and window frames normally provide a lifetime warranty for their windows and window frames. However, different manufacturers may have different definitions of what constitutes a lifetime warranty. It is essential that the fine print is thoroughly studied in order to determine specifically how long the windows and the window frames are covered by the warranty and to determine what the conditions of the warranty are.

Window Frames That Are Divided

When selecting a new window to replace your old one, you can select a window with a full frame. Alternatively, you can select a window with a divided frame. Window frames that are divided will have several sections. Each section will have small pieces of glass placed between them. There are windows that have dividers that are faux. If you want a view that is unimpeded, then avoid window frames that are divided. Window frames that are divided are also very expensive. However, they are the best option if you want your window to look old-fashioned.

Sizes Of Window Frames

Before you purchase a window frame, make certain that the measurements of the window is sized properly. Ideally, an expert should be the one performing the measurements of the window. If the measurements is not sized properly, you might end up with a window that is either too large or too small for the opening in your house. If the window is too large either you will have to return the window or you will have to remove a portion of the opening in the wall. If it is too small then the window will not properly fit and will allow drafts to go inside.

Should You Repair Instead Of Replacing A Window Frame

A window frame can be repaired at a low cost. This is particularly true for wood window frames. You need to evaluate the present condition of the window frame and of the glass prior to deciding whether to repair or replace the window frame. A window that is rotting is not worth the expense to repair. And a window that is rotting is usually not repairable. A window with a single pane usually allows drafts to go inside. They are not well insulated. And they are not energy efficient. It is a better option to replace a window with a single pane instead of trying to repair it.

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