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We live in a time when the costs of energy seem to rise on an annual basis. Due to our geographic location, we are well used to hot weather here in Perth, and we rely on our air conditioning systems to keep our homes cool. But, AC systems can use a great deal of energy, and for many homeowners, it’s becoming harder to afford the energy costs to keep their homes comfortable. For this reason, many homeowners are considering installing an evaporative air conditioning system. The is a home cooling system that uses less energy, it has fewer parts, but it’s still important to have a regular evaporative air conditioning service before each cooling season.

How Does an Evaporative AC System Work?

The process of evaporative cooling is a cost effective method that can offer significant cooling during the hotter months of the year. Evaporative cooling is a natural process; the hot air is taken from outside the home and then pumped through a series of cooling pads. These pads are soaked with clean water, the heat in the air is absorbed, and this causes the water to evaporate. The cool treated air is then pumped into the home to provide a clean cooled air that is cost effective.

Refrigerated vs. Evaporative

A traditional air conditioning system uses far more energy than an evaporative equivalent. A standard air conditioner releases carbon dioxide into our atmosphere contributing to global pollution. An evaporative air conditioner is a natural form of cooling that is far kinder to our environment. The cooled air is fresher, and the air isn’t recirculated throughout the indoor environment multiple times like a standard air conditioning system. When an evapòrative air conditioner is in use, a window needs to be kept open to allow the air to leave the home. This may seem wasteful compared to a regular AC system, but it actually provides your home with a continuing supply of cool fresh air throughout the day. When indoor is dry, it can irritate people with allergies, asthma, and respiratory ailments. However, evaporative air conditioners supply air that is moistened with water during the cooling process making it a great choice for everyone.

The Affordability of Evaporative AC Systems

An evaporative AC system has a much lower running cost when compared to a traditional air conditioning system. The maintenance required on an evaporative system is less than that needed on a refrigerated home cooling system. The initial purchase cost is lower, and evaporative air conditioner parts are relatively inexpensive. If you have the right climate, an evaporative air conditioner could be an attractive and affordable alternative to a traditional AC system.

Air Conditioning Service

The Best Climates for Evaporative Cooling Systems

It’s fair to say that an evaporative cooling system isn’t suitable for every home. The effectiveness of this type of home cooling is dependant on the climate where the home is located. An evaporative cooling system will work well in a drier climate, such as Perth, but it’s not an ideal fit for a tropical or sub-tropical climate that may have more rain. As a general rule, an evaporative cooling system is best suited to Southern coastal areas and much of the inland space here in Australia.

Evaporative Air Conditioning Service Issues

Like any other type of home cooling system, an evaporative air conditioning system will require regular servicing and maintenance from a local qualified technician. This should ideally occur before the start of the cooling season to ensure that your home has an uninterrupted supply of cool indoor air. Regular servicing will ensure that your evaporative cooling system is running efficiently, and this will help to maintain the lower running costs throughout the useful lifespan of the equipment.

As a rule, an evaporative air conditioner will cost less to maintain and service. The key to getting the most of your servicing experience is to adopt a preventative maintenance mindset. Many homeowners wait until something fails before they consider calling out an air conditioning technician. It’s a better idea to schedule regular servicing to catch any smaller issues that are inexpensive to fix before they develop into more significant problems that require a more extensive and expensive repair.

During an evaporative air conditioning service, the technician will check for signs of wear and tear to the components. If a repair is needed, they will check with the homeowner before they proceed. It’s important to understand that the failure of a minor component can affect other parts of the cooling system and impair the performance or energy efficiency. In fact, the failure of a single component is one of the main reasons why an evaporative cooling system fails, and it always seems to happen on a hot day.

The Importance of Regular Servicing

Any air conditioning system that receives regular servicing is less likely to breakdown when you need it most. Well maintained equipment is less prone to electrical faults that could even become dangerous in extreme cases. Any maintenance should only be carried out by technicians that have received formal training, and they must have the appropriate qualifications to work on your equipment. It may be tempting to work on a cooling system yourself or get a handyman to help, but this is a mistake. An air cooling system represents a significant investment, and it makes sense to only allow qualified technicians to work on your equipment. This is a great way to guarantee high quality work that  will protect your investment and prolong the useful life of your evaporative home cooling system.

Finding the Best Local Aircon Company

Always use a local air conditioning company for servicing, air conditioning repairs, and parts because they are easy to get hold of in a crisis. Choose a company that has a great local reputation, ask your friends, family, and work colleagues about their experiences. Look up a prospective home cooling company online and check some reviews. Call the company and ask them about their service, if you need some work done, ask for a written estimate and compare their prices with other companies in the area. Avoid choosing a company because they are the cheapest, choose a company that offers a fair service at a fair price. If you need evaporative air conditioning parts in Perth contact AirSpares today.

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